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There is a huge selection of quality hotels, villas and apartments to choose from in Albufeira. 

We recommend staying near Areias De São João or Oura Beach to be within a 5 minute walk to most of the events. 

CLube praia da oura

MGM Clube Praia Da Oura offers guests luxury and comfort at an affordable price. Ideally located, the hotels is a short 5mins walk away from all our extraordinary events. Add your accommodation package today via and stay at the best hotel that Albufeira has to offer.

step 2

book your hotel

Book your accommodation! Book directly with and stay at at the MGM Clube Praia Da Oura – a luxury resort nestled on the beach. 

Alternatively, book any other hotel close to the ‘Oura’ / ‘Oura Beach’ area and stay within walking distance from all our great events.


Need to find a place to stay? We’ve pin pointed on the map ‘Sunset Break Portugal’ to help guide you.

Use the map below to locate the best place to stay. There’s a variety of hotels, apartments and villas to choose from. 

step 3

book your flight

Finally, you’ll want to get a flight to ‘Faro International Airport’. From the airport, transfers and taxis are a quick 30mins away to Albufeira.

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Albufeira, Portugal

Albufeira is the largest, liveliest and most energetic of all of the resort towns that line southern Portugal’s beautiful Algarve coastline. Albufeira provides stunning beaches, a glorious climate, a vast selection of restaurants and a buzzing nightlife. There is so much to love about Albufeira.

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