Sunset Beach


beach party


23 Sept 2023


4 PM - 7 PM


Beach Caffé


Bikini, Shorts,

Did someone say sun, sea, and sand? We sure did!

🍹 Get ready to dive into the booziest event of the summer – Sunset Break Tipsy Olympics! 🍹

🏖️ Imagine this: Miles of golden sands, waves gently crashing in the distance, and a sky so blue it’s the perfect backdrop for your drink in hand. Welcome to the ultimate showdown of sun, sand, and spirited sipping!

🌊 Games that will make beer pong look like child’s play! From the Drink-Dash, and the Tipsy Tug-of-War to the Tipsy Limbo Challenge, to the Synchronized Beach Ball Bounce, we’ve got it all.

🤽‍♀️ Dream of being the next beach volleyball sensation? Our “Sizzle on the Sand” Volleyball tournament will have you spiking, digging, and diving with the grace of a dolphin – or at least attempting to!

🎉 But it’s not all about the athletic prowess! We’ve got beachside food, piña coladas, and a limbo competition that’ll have even the most inflexible folks bending over backwards.

So, grab your sunscreen, your shades, and your sense of adventure, because the Sunset Beach Olympics is THE summer event you won’t want to miss. Whether you’re a seasoned beach bum or a landlocked landlubber, there’s a golden moment waiting for you in the sun-soaked sand. 🏖️🌴🏆🌞

Beach Caffé

The event is from 4 PM – 7 PM.

Sun loungers are available for guests who have purchased a ticket. Only a limited amount of Sun Loungers available so arrive early to avoid disappointment.

Line-up has been released. Click Here to see SBP23 DJ’s & Hosts.

There’s no particular dress code for this event, however we highly suggest you come in something you’re happy to get sweat in.

Yes! However tickets will be more expensive.

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