Block Party

colour clash


21 Sept 2023


10 PM - 4 AM


Solo Bar


Red / Green
Sunset Break Tee

It’s the opening pre-party!

Get ready for the most epic ice breaker event. Are you part of the red team? Or are you part of the green team? 

Which ever you are, prepare yourself as we go head-to-head to decide which is the best team! Who can ‘bruk it down’ like it’s nobody’s business? Who can do ‘the dougie‘ like their life depended on it? Who’s going home with the title of the best crew? Only you can decide.

Prizes are handed out for the best outfit, best waistline and more! So don’t play yourself. Grab your ticket and get ready for another unforgettable ice breaker event.

Solo Bar

The event is from 11 PM – 4 AM.

Yes, you can reserve a VIP table. Click Here for VIP Tables.

Line-up has been released. Click Here to see SBP23 DJ’s & Hosts.

No, although you’ll look odd without one.

This is a FREE pre-party! Everyone is welcome.

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